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Friday, June 29, 2012

Owl Felt Badge and Others

I just got back from Girl's camp today, and I am one tired lady. Little women and little sleep sure can tucker a person out... But I had a good time, and I'm not too tired to share some crafts with you :) I made these felt badges for round 2 of the felt badge swap.
This beaded birdie felt badge will make a superb hair clip. I was sorely tempted to keep it, but I ended up making another similar one. It didn't end up as good-looking as this one, however. Still cute, though. The felt I used for this one was a nice thick felted sweater, The pink wing is the same material as my rotund cannonball monster. I had an itty bitty scrap of it in my felt scrap bin, and that gave me a little happy.
This little sequined fish badge was pretty fun to make. The little sequins are iridescent pink/white, but it's hard to see that in the pic.
Favorite of the bunch. I have had Totoro on the brain since I made those cardboard cutouts last week, so you may be able to see this owl channeling some of that bug-eyed Japan flair.
And finally a little house scene! I used a double blanket stitch to finish the outer edge, and it ended up a little lumpy, but I liked the effect anyway.

I came home to lots of goodies in the mail today, too. So expect some projects! After a week away from my craft room, I am so ready to make some serious THINGS! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.


Martina Visnjic art said...

love it!

charli said...

wow--these are great!

JennJill said...

The little felt bird is TOO CUTE! I love him. :) The beads on the wings are perfect. Thanks for sharing!

- Jennifer @ JennJill Designs