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Needle Felted King Bird... it's New Year's Eve!

Good evening, friends! I realized that I failed to do a Christmas post to wish you all the happiest of days, so I'll say now: I hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas and were able to do things you enjoy with people you love. I had a really good Christmas here in Alabama with Bobby and we treated ourselves to lots of candy and supplies and tools and of course, relaxation :)  
This is my second needle felted bird post in a row, and it won't be the last! I made a few batches of birdies for Christmas and thank you gifts. This one is special because he has a little crown on. I made him for my crafty buddy Audrey
Check out that colorful spotted tail :) My brother and his wife must be psychic, because they sent me another couple of packs of dyed/plain guinea fowl feathers for Christmas. I have been using them like crazy.
 Did you know it's way easier to needle felt a big beak than a little one? True story, unless there is some awesome tiny-beak method that I have yet to figure out.
 *Yawnnn* I don't think I'll make it to midnight...


jengd said...

Cute! Lovin' those tail feathers!

Kelly said...

Beautiful! The tail is wonderful with all those colourful feathers. Hugs, Kelly x