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Big Toucan Mask... and he is wearing a hat.

 I warned you... I would make a bird mask, too. Check out my giant toucan head. I am also pretty excited about his hat. I was yard sale hopping and a super nice old guy gave me the hat for free :) It was olive green, but I had to paint it some other crazy color and landed on orange. Add a big blue ostrich feather and boom, sweet hat.
I was feeling sick so I decided to put my Toucan Mask on around the house. It made me feel a little better. For some reason I feel kind of silly about making masks, which is weird because I'm ALL about being silly. Maybe it's because they're so HUGE and I haven't got many events where I can use them. Halloween, and.... um... that's it. Haha! But they are so funny and fun to make... Bobby thinks they're awesome.

Also, unrelated, but not really. I am having this idea to challenge myself to NOT BUYING any new craft supplies for 3 months (super-unique thrift shop and yard sale finds don't count! I'm talking like Hobby Lobby and Michaels stuff) and crafting my brains out to reduce my outrageous stash. And maybe put more in my Etsy Shop than just Witch Bookmarks. I feel like I haven't been making much lately because of all the busy-ness.

Should I take the de-stashing challenge?


Tina said...

That's an awesome hat!

And yes, it's so much fun seeing what you can make with what you have. I bet you'll discover forgotten treasures along the way.

If you end up making an altered altoid tin while your at it, would you want to make a tutorial? We have a small collection of sardine tins that I need to use up or toss out, and I would really rather use them :0)

Thanks, hope you feel better soon!

Megan said...

Awesome mask! How are you able to see out of this one though?

I'd say go for the challenge. It will be fun, especially once the stash is getting low. I'm kind of doing the same thing. The only thing exempt are necessities like glue dots and blades for my paper trimmer. I can't make a whole lot with out them.

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

It's so beautiful! I think they're awesome, and there has to be other events to wear it! Heck, I'd just wander around the grocery store with it on. It's too cool to just sit on a shelf.

Kira - said...

This one is a bit tougher to see through! But the peep holes are the sides of the beak. You can see out the sides, but straight ahead is another story...

Unknown said...

Try it! Good luck! I keep telling myself that I will declutter & use everything up, but I never do! I just keep accumilating stuff. I try to reuse & upcycle, but I end up just recycling because I keep things until it piles up! I keep seeing new ideas and end up getting more things. But just today, I decided to catch up on scrapbooking & do no other crafts! Because my daughter is 3 & 1/2 and her first birthday photos are still sitting in an envelope waiting to be preserved!!! I also don't have anybody to give the stuff I make to, my cousin is getting overloaded with all the crap I make!

Unknown said...
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