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4/10 Done: Work Table Declutter Challenge

Alright, I'm well on my way! In my previous post, I challenged myself to make and send 10 pieces of quality Happy Mail using only the junk and supplies that had pooled on my work table area. Let's just be honest: I'm crushing it. I sent out four arty little Happy Mail envelopes today. Each one was a decorated envelope, a lil piece of collage art, a tag, a little package of miscellaneous sticker flake, all attached to a hand-drawn/painted postcard. Here's the loot I made:
These collage pieces are all 1.5x2.5" in size. They're cut from a couple of pages of Readers Digest Condensed book (yup, lucky enough to have a page with black and white pics!) along with washi and some gelliprint scraps given to me by my illustrious #BAFF Audio. (Best art friends fo'ever.) The cut out phrases have been collecting on my desk for months and ages and centuries. I use them whenever I can. 

These are the postcards I drew. They're abouuuut 4x6, but really are whatever size the chipboard sheets were that were there in my catchall paper scrap basket. Fortunate... These are just random doodles. My favorite is the wild and free ape. The backgrounds were painted first with craft acrylic, then doodled on with a paint pen, colored in a bit with gelatos and then accented with Uniball Signo opaque pens. But they should be called MILKY PENS because, childhood. (Does pentel even make them anymore? Meh. 20 years ago...) 

And here are the embellished envelopes, covered in paper scraps and rogue worktable stickers. They're each on their way to some lucky recipient. Six more happy mails to go until I've completed my challenge! I'll finish this post off with gratuitous close-up shots of my postcards. Happy Tuesday, y'all.


jengd said...

What a great, fun idea and fabulous results!

Tina said...

I'm so glad to see you are back to blogging! Course, you could have been doing that for a while, but as I haven't been reading blogs lately, I wouldn't know that.

I LOVE your happy mail! Sadly, my work desk hasn't seen much action since we moved to MI, but I am finally starting to get back in the swing of things!

Love your art!