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Captain's Log: Full Waiting Room

Written as I sit in a waiting room full of Alabama's senior citizens and one kid. So much Southern accent happening up in here. So. Much.

Today, Bob is getting his wisdom teeth pulled! All three of them. I had mine yanked last year. It wasn't bad. I only had two. Yes, I did say some goofy things afterward, the most notable: I yelled,  "I AM THE GAUZE BOSS!" because they gave me a ziploc baggie full of fresh gauze to replace the gauze in my mouth when I got home. 

I'm looking forward to taking video of Bobby when the doc is done with him. Fingers crossed that he says something awesome.

So last night, I had some time to craft a little bit. I wanted to go to bed early because I've needed extra sleep with this sickness happening. 

Here's what I made:


Some altered paperclips. They could be way cooler... if I had more time to spend. It's like inchie badges! Little bitty cute arts for your planner or other paperclip needs.

I'll make some more this weekend if I have time.

Until next time! I'll just be here waiting for Bobby to get his toothuses yanked...

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