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Achievement Unlocked! 10 out of 10

Holy meatballs, y'all, I did it. With time to spare.
Wanting to be more creative and bloggy in 2017, I challenged myself to a Work Table Declutter Challenge and I flippin' owned it, son! Granted, it wasn't TOO hard of a challenge, but I still feel good about myself. I need that. My goal was to create and send 10 quality Happy Mail Envelopes using only what junk and supplies that live on or have pooled up on my worktable. I send out the final six envelopes today. 

Each one of these envelopes contained a Kitty Sticker and postcard (blogged here), along with a grumpy octopus sticker and scrappy bookmark. 

 I drew these when I was channeling a wee bit of rage. Budzone was sick this past week and as a result has been whiny and screamy. Kip did not catch the sickness, but he did get some of the awful-behavior through some kind of baby-osmosis. I was at my wit's end, so I placed my children ever so gently on the playroom side of my studio and drew disgruntled octopi on a blank shipping label until I felt a little better.

 These are the bookmarks that I made. The backgrounds are all paper scrap from a catch-all scrap basket glued onto scrap chipboard. Luckily, there were a few lengths of random used baker's twine in the aforementioned basket to tie onto the tops. I am really happy with how the houses turned out, too. I've always admired cute little crafty houses that people on Craftster would make, and then I'd try and they'd look like.... not.... good. So, I think I was doing the roofs too big. I've cracked the formula. Don't make the roofs too big or the houses look like arrows to space.

Speaking of space, check out this moon drawing I did last Inktober. (That was an incredible space segue, I know.) I just wanted to show you guys because I hadn't yet.

At any rate, I'm glad to be back in the bloggosphere and I hope to stay in orbit for good. It's in my goals. And I intend to crush it.

Kira: OUT


Audrey said...

Haha love the space humor!! I too have had trouble with the houses, I will try out your tip! You have inspired me so as soon as I finish the reorg of my studio I will be challenging myself to make/send some type of happy mail.

Wendy said...

and i'm glad you're back! that was a fab challenge, and so quickly done! I bet the recipients were thrilled