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Postcards for Elder Cannon

Our good friend from back home just left on his mission a couple months ago and my husband and I are trying to write him every month. These are the postcards I whipped up for this month:
Wow, I realized that although I know what an alligator looks like, I can't draw the proportions right from memory... Looks more like a t-rex. Oh well! At least it SAYS gator on it.
And a simple cut-n-paste from a 50's era learn to count book... Great job, time to eat some pie! Happy Tuesday!
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Unknown said...

that's cool! I like the bottom one.

Numinosity said...

Sweet and colorful and full of whimsy. I'm sure he'll enjoy getting the postcards. Nice collage!

Audrey said...

George is the man! That made me lol! Great job!