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Winged Heart Emboidery

I stitched up this colorific winged heart embroidery for the Random Swap. I got this very satiny silvery smooth embroidery floss for the wings on this project and just fell in love with how shiny and bright it turned out. Fascinated by shiny objects and bits of string.
I filled the heart with some chain stitching which turned out kind of thick. I don't really know how to fill properly yet, but I'm hoping I'll learn somehow.
Here's the whole thing. I wish I had taken a picture of the back, because it was pretty cool :) It was a good colorful way to use up some of the shorter scrap threads. Have a great weekend everyone!
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artymess said...

Hi Kira tanks for award and lovely things you said about my art.....Loving that heart I think the fill of it looks great very textural.....not sure if I'll pass on the blog award as sometimes blogs I follow don't receive awards and it would be impossible to choose 7 I visit such great blogs I might do something different to pass on the awards so watch my space ....have a great weekend ....Lorna x

AlwaysInspired said...

I love the thickness of the fill stitches in the heart. Almost makes it have a 3 D element. The colors are wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Kira,
Thankyou for the lovely Blog award, and great comments.I have put a link to my Blogpost, but like Lorna, I am not sure how I'd go about giving the 7 Blog awards as I love them all equally.I try to promote others' Blogs in my blogposts, as there are some wonderful artists out there that others don't know about yet. You are a woman of Courage!!Isn't Art a powerful force for Healing.

Audrey said...

I love everything about this!!

Christia said...

I love the heart! I think the filling looks great! Super job!

Lisa said...

Hi There~ new follower here...
I love, love, love, love this piece! I'm loving your blog too, I appreciate your generous use of bright and bold colors and I've really enjoyed being here for a bit this afternoon. Can't wait to go and read back thru some of your older posts.