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Frida Kahlo Altered Matchbox has the funnest swaps, and I signed up for the last round of altered matchboxes! I was fortunate enough to have the talented AmaryllisRose as my partner, and she likes Frida, so I made her this matchbox.

To fill the inside, I made this tiny book using coptic stitch (my new favorite thing!) and it has kind of a poem inside pieced together by flipping through TONS of book pages. It says, "Fetch my scizzors, brush and ink; make everything; I can't help it; this overwhelming gift is my best friend." Now, I'm not really one for poetry, but I thought these words summed up crafting pretty well :)

Behind the book, there is another Frida and a compartment painted red with coral pieces. If there's one thing I'd say about Frida's artwork, it's that she put a lot of heart (literally an figuratively)into it... The red coral reminds me of arteries and the heart, so it was pretty fitting.

The hanging coral pieces were my favorite part!!! I was able to do a little wire wrapping, which is a skill I realized I had nearly forgotten, since I haven't really done much in the last couple of years... Maybe it's something I aughta get back into.

The wings were cut from a flattened out olive can and then tapped with a hammer and punch to add a kind of Mexican-feeling embossing. I was pretty psyched with how they turned out! BUT- soldering on the jumprings to hang the chains from was a PAIN IN THE NERDS! I had to have Bobby help me, and it took all 4 of our hands at once to get the pieces together in the right places. Worth it.

I think I spent the most time on this than any other project of mine this tiny!

Anyhoo, in other craft-related news, I started a stained glass class today!!! It's way harder work than I had anticipated, but it's pretty cool. I can't wait to share my very first glass project with you guys! Happy Thursday, friends!
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What Sadie Did said...

Ooh that is AMAZING!! You are suuuper talented! I am sure she will love it :)

Sadie x

DeeAnn said...

I am in the matchbox swap too (LylacFey). I fell in love with your creation. It was so amazing. I really loved the wings and the wire pieces. I oohed when I saw the rings. I knew you and Wulf would set the bar in this swap. :) I can't wait to see what you make with stained glass. My DH does stained glass.

Cynthia F said...

Wow! This is just brilliant!! ARoze is a lucky chicka!!

Amanda said...

I am also in the matchbox swap with you. I had no idea this was your blog! (Funniest craft blog name EVER, btw)

You did an amazing job on this matchbox, it is truly a piece of art. :P

AlwaysInspired said...

I totally adore this! Seriously! Drool worthy.
I've done several stained glass pieces and love it. It is a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. Can't wait to see what you create.

Kim said...

I love it!

As for stained glass, it's a lot of fun :) I tried to teach my mom, but she never did get the hang of grinding the glass without cutting her hands to bleeding ribbons. I've never seen that many bandaids on two hands in my life.

LimeRiot said...

WOW!! How did I miss this in the swap gallery??? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

Andria said...

You put so much attention and care into this piece...really lovely! Your swap partner is lucky to be paired with you!