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Dia De Los Muertos iPhone case

I have been on vacation in Utah visiting my Bobby's family for the last little bit, so my crafting has been pretty slow! So I decided to scrounge my photos and see what I haven't posted yet. Lo and behold, it looks like I never shared this iPhone case I sewed for Lani!

I don't really consider myself an expert at sewing functional things, but I was pretty proud of myself with this thing. It's lined with felt on the inside and I made the strap long so it can be latched over a belt.

The skully fabric was from a kid's shirt that I dug up at a "fill-a-bag-for-$2" sale at the thrift store. SCORE! Then I embroidered it and added some sequins for a bit of shiny.

This is a close-up (duh). The fabric was stretchy knit, so I backed it with some iron-on interfacing so it wouldn't distort or stretch.

Anyhoo, my vacation was pretty good! We got to stay with Bobby's brother for a few days, then the family all rented a cabin at Bear Lake for a few days (31 people total, about 10 million kids, it was nuts), then we finished the trip off over at Bobby's sister's. Oh, and I got to eat at Tucano's, which was oh, so delicious.

But the unfortunate part was the very end of the trip when we got home at 1 AM to find the wood floors moldy in our house because we turned the air off. I guess now we know to never, never, never turn the air off when you live in humid, muggy Alabama. So, Bobby had to mop up with bleach after 10 hours of traveling. So sad! Oh well, it's cleaned up now.

In a related story: my next batch of Wicked Witch Bookmarks will be available in my shop tomorrow at 9 AM Central Time. The proceeds will be used towards buying us a flippin' dehumidifier :) Happy Thursday!!!!
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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

That's a wonderful phone case! That also sucks about the floors. Icky!

artymess said...

Thats cool Kira.....pleased you had a good vacation....x

Marie said...

I love everything Dia de los Muertos -related, so this is by far the cutest cell case I´ve ever seen! I found your blog just the other day, and here is so much eye candy that I´m in awe.

hgddm said...

Loving your blog...been admiring your work on Craftster whenever I see it. Love how you added the embroidery to this piece!!

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

Ewww...moldy floors.

What a nice iphone case!!!

FYI: I "tagged"/awarded you! If you want to find out why, come visit my blog post. Don't feel as though you must partake in the taggin' circle, I just wanted to share the love. Here's the post:

--Jaclyn T
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j. wilson said...

so happy! until i read the post i thought you used marker under the stitching. super cool!