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Inchies, Rinchies, Twinchies

Alright, by now you've seen me post about 100 million inchies here. But here are some fun new inchie-related vocabulary words! A rinchie is a round inchie, and a twinchie is like an inchie, but it's 2" squared :) Now you know, in case you didn't know.

I did all of these for the "Inchies & Rinchies & Twinchies, OH MY!" Swap on Craftster. The golden snitch one has craft foil, so it's really shiny and golden. The robot on the twinchie in this set is really metal, too.

Ah, now that some of my latest projects have arrived at their new homes, I can post without ruining the surprise :) I've been so busy with household stuff and making Wicked Witch Bookmarks (the giveaway is still open, BTW!! Click this!), I haven't had much time or drive to craft stuff other than swap items. It kinda makes me a sad panda, but things aughta calm down, right? RIGHT?! So this last set was for Alex K, who is an AMAZING sculptor and artist. We did a little personal swappage on the side, and it was most excellent. Check out her blog, The Art and Craft of Monsters.

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. And don't forget to enter the Wicked Witch Bookmark giveaway, if you haven't already :)

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Jaclyn Trecartin said...

I love the monsters and the full of character!

--Jaclyn T
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LimeRiot said...

I love these, Kira! Man oh man, every time I stop by here it makes me want to buy metal stamps :). I need to try some rinchies too!