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Watercolor Monster Round-up

Okay, okay, this cat is not a monster, but he is big and furry with lots of teeth. That counts, right? I've been doing a lot of watercolor monsters lately because I've needed them for swaps and gifts and whatnot. Bobby's getting grumpy that I keep giving them away, so I forsee more monsters in the future to give to my husband!

I've been using more noses, like I mentioned before :) Do you dig the wide thin nose on this little guy?

Aaaaand, don't forget to occasionally give yourself a hug. It's important. Happy Wednesday :)
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Ashley said...

so cute!

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Very very sweet. :)

Carmen said...

Love your monsters :D And kitty too!

Mostlynerdycrochet said...

I absolutely adore your little monsters. They make me very happy!