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Furry Monster & Kitty Plush

For some reason, this picture reminds me of that lolcat that says, "I iz waitin for cheezburger man. Does you have a money?"

Meet my latest plush monster creation! Looks kinda scared, maybe like a baby monster... With a green hairbow!

I made this little dude out of a repurposed thrift store teddy bear! The fur on it was so much smoother and softer before I washed it, but the I kinda ended up loving the scragglyness of it, and it was still pretty soft. To make the monster shape, I cut the head off the the bear (which kind of felt a little bit wrong, kinda like how it feels to cut up your first book for papercrafting, but the bear was looking at me the whole time *shudder*). Then, I seam-ripped around the arms and lowered them. They used to be at the level where the monster's ears would be, and the eyes of the monster are where the bear's chest was, if you can imagine. Sew, sew, sew, re-stuff, sew, and voila!
And then, I bought the teeny orange kitty at the thrift store, too, and decided it would be the perfect little thingie for the monster to cuddle. I made it for the monster swap and sent off to Saint Angel, who makes some awesome plushies herself :)
Happy Thursday!
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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

So very cute! What a great idea as well. :)

Nate True said...

So cute! I love your plushes, especially the monster ones. And the sloth. ^_^

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

He is so cuteeeeee!

Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute and creative with thrift store finds!

Carmen said...

I know exactly what you mean. i want to alter dolls and bears and it is EXACTLY that reason I have wimped out so far :P I don't want them haunting me!

Your new incarnation of monster is utterly gorgeous though :)

Cindy said...

Love it, very cute!