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Medieval Kitty Drawstring Bag

 I know next to nothing about tarot cards, but I do know a thing or two about kitties and fancy hats. I was asked to make this little bag for a birthday present for a special person who loves medieval things, cats, and needed a bag for his tarot cards.
 So I made this little drawstring pouch out of some tapestry material, which I thought felt pretty old and medieval-themed.
The kitty is my own design and I embroidered him onto felt using a split stitch.

So, Happy Birthday! You know who you are :)

And everyone else, have a wonderful weekend!


Gez Butterworth said...

STUNNING - as always Kira ♥♥

Sure to be loved and treasured. Gosh, your stitching is sooooo neat!

Wishing you a lovely

Numinosity said...

This is darling, Kira. It jumped right out at me. I think you could do some cell phone bags along this line with a little thicker fabric for protection. The image is great as are the colors.
Have a great weekend! Kim

Beck said...

Hope you have an awesome birthday, Kei! I'm proud to be a patron of the arts, especially because it results in more cute things such as this. :D

waggonswest said...

Another great project!

I was tagged with a Leibster Award so I am passing it on to you.