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Night Owl Altered Altoids Tin Lid Plaque

 Here's another fun Altoids tin craft. I like to rip off the lids when I alter Altoids Tins, so as a result, I have a big ol' stack of lids. I usually use them for bead dishes when I'm making jewelry, but they also make good wall decor plaques. The quote is another that I found via Ffrogg's Pinterest from quotediary.
Images: "Rock Owl" by usf.clipart, "Small Moon" by Beeswax Stamps
I personally, think of myself as a morning person but I see the humor and truth in the quote! 

The outside also has some other quotes wrapped around it and a campfire button at the top. And of course, i always like to line the rim of my tins with glued-on beads. Makes 'em fancy. I am totally digging the word "fancy" lately.

In other news, baby bird is doing well, still eating like a champ and becoming very wiggly and flying everywhere. It's amazing how much he progresses each day. Yesterday, he was killing me because he wouldn't let me catch him to put him back after his flying time! I had a rough day yesterday. I had an HSG test done (for that dang-blasted infertility) and it sucked WAY bad. Very painful, and I felt like crap for the rest of the day. So it was frustrating to drag a chair around the room, climb up on it to try to snatch baby bird off of the ceiling fan and have him flit off onto another shelf or curtain rod or other high place. I know he needs his exercise to get strong, but man, yesterday was just not the day to play keep away! :P

Well, I'm feeling a bit better today...and hopefully can get some projects done! Happy Wednesday!


Audrey said...

It's soo soo cute!! I'm still amazed that you can put all those tiny sead beads along the edge! I would probably cry! hahah

So sorry to hear about your troubles. I'll have you in my thoughts!

Gez Butterworth said...

Beautiful creation. Love your owl ♥

I can SO relate to your sentiment! and I STILL don't learn!!

Sending you gentle cyber (hugs)

Mrs Mac said...

I really love this!!!!!!

almondeyes_ said...

so cute! i always keep tins and pretty boxes and later can't really think of what to do with them. what kind of glue do you use?

Unknown said...

Etsy store? ;-)

Unknown said...

So... When can I express my fandom by purchasing from your Etsy store? *hint* ;-)

pmstamper said...

Awesome use of tin lid and love the owl and the saying. Being a night owl, I can affirm that this is too true. Pinned your picture to my Pintrest as inspiration. Thanks for sharing your clever ideas.