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Groovy Silver Beaded Ring

Another groovy project to share :) I custom made this sterling silver ring in beachy ocean colors and stamped "groovy" on the silver just for my crafting buddy! Crystal and pearls... It reminded me a little of beach glass.
I used some buffing compound and my Dremel to polish the band up to a high shine. My other rings have been a sort of hammered finish which is cool, but it was also neat to see the silver get so dang shiny. I kinda missed a bit on the inside of the ring, you can see it in the picture. Oops. Oh well, still pretty.
And here's the packaging I used. The box is made from kraft cardstock and I folded it up with my scoring board. That thing sure does come in handy when I need to make boxes or little gift bags. 

Anyhoo, I'm home from my vacation in Texas at my sister's house and I had SO MUCH FUN :) I didn't blog as much as I had planned, but who can spend time on the computer when there are super things to be done? It made me wish that there's an Alamo Drafthouse Theater near where I live. We went three times. And I went to Sea World four times. And Corpus Christi once. And shopping a million times. Shopping with my sister is the best shopping there is... The only thing that would have made it better would be if my mom was there, too! She's going to Texas at the end of this month, though. I'm a little jealous, but oh well, I had my good times. It's nice to be home! Happy Monday, friends!


Belladune said...

This ring is gorgeous! And that bit you missed, just means it's 110% unique. I love the way you packaged it too. very clever, and pretty.

SandeeNC said...

Love that ring, you did a fabulous job on it!! I've been to Texas twice, great place to visit and play! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Christia said...

Love that ring, and you and your sister :) Alamo drafthouse is amazing.

Christia said...

Love that ring, and you and your sister :) Alamo drafthouse is amazing.