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Toco Toucan Altered Altoids Tin

This month's challenge over at the Unique Crafters Challenge Blog is GLITTER AND SHINE! 
I made this altered Altoids tin lid with all sorts of sparkly, shiny fun stuff. The clouds in the background are cut out of American Crafts glitter paper, which is unlike any other glitter paper I've used. It's so smooth and totally not the normal glitter texture. Nothing falls off of it, and I think I'd describe it as more glowy and reflective. Seriously, it's awesome. I have to find some more of it.
I also slapped on a border of beads, along with glitter glue on the inside rim and some rhinestones.
Here's a shot of the polyclay toucan I sculpted before the acrylic paint job. 
"My favorite color is shiny." 
The bottom has a dangling pendant with lovely, sparkly glass stones :) I couldn't resist adding just another glitter and shine element.

So, if you've got the hankerin' to create something shiny this month, don't hesitate to enter it in the Unique Crafters Challenge! You can win some radical supplies. 

Happy August 1, folks!


waggonswest said...

Somehow, I don't think 'slapped on' is exactly the right way to describe putting all those pretty beads on it. "My favorite color is shiny" --perfect.

Kathi said...

Totally fabulous! I love it! And pinned it!

Thrifty Finn said...

Kira. Stop being such an awesome crafter.