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Toucan Felt Badge and Bird News

I sat down to make this little badge tonight after doing nearly nooooothing all day... I got a ridiculous headache yesterday morning in the middle of a cardio class, then came home and dry-heaved and sat in the dark all day, curtains drawn, feeling nauseous and awful. I think it was a migraine, and I did not enjoy my day! Today I'm feeling better, but still sluggish and tired. I was feeling up to making a little toucan out of my new felt (from Etsy seller SweetEmmaJean) this evening, but after I cut out the pieces, I was 2 minutes into needlefelting the pieces together and my one and only felting needle snapped. Boooooo! I did give up, but came back to it about an hour later. Lo and behold, I have finished it just now with stitching and about 2 minutes worth of needle felting. I wanted to share :)

Also, take a look at this smug, tricky bird. There is bird news in my house, that isn't huge news, but my world was rocked nonetheless. My beautiful Peanut Button birdy boy is NOT a boy, but indeed, a big fat HEN. I got the DNA test results back on Tuesday, and I was a little upset. I know, I know, Peanut is the same sweet, kind bird and I still love him... uh, her... just as much. It's just going to be weird adjusting to the new feminine pronouns after 6 years of "Mister Peanut". I'll be honest, I'm probably going to continue saying "good boy!" to him...DAH! her... for a while. Well, it was 50/50 and we just guessed wrong when he was a chick. In my defense, she never ONCE corrected me. I'll cope.

Happy Thursday to you all, I hope it's been a good week for you so far.

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SandeeNC said...

awww...Peanut is too cute to have been a boy! lol She looks happy that she played a little joke on you though! I LOVE your felted toucan, just gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better soon! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Allison said...

Cute cute toucan, and that sneaky Peanut...never said a word. Sounds like a migraine for sure--they're the WORST!

Jennifer said...

I know I'm a bit late to the comment list, since this post was published over a week ago, but I just had to share my bird/gender story. My husband and I have a cockatiel and a budgie, and we were told when they were babies by the bird shop where we bought them that they were both males, based on their behaviors and personalities. (The budgie is a lutino, meaning her coloring doesn't indicate gender.) However, when the budgie was about 6 months old, her cere started turning brown all of a sudden, and we thought it was a bit odd ... I mean, budgies don't normally have brown ceres. So we looked up "male budgie and brown cere" and got hits about testicular cancer and imminent death -- brown ceres in male budgies are apparently VERY bad. So off to the vet we went, only to have the vet laugh kindly at our ignorance. A brown cere on a male budgie is indeed a bad thing, but if said budgie is lutino, a brown cere simply means the budgie is female. lol This is one time I was VERY glad to be wrong. Both of our birds have since laid eggs, proving beyond all doubt that they are indeed female. At least Peanut didn't scare you to death by laying an egg to prove her gender!

Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope you're continuing to feel better after your migraine.

- Jennifer @ JennJill Designs