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Birds and Dresden Inchie Cube

 Good morning! It's the second day in 2013 and I am determined to spend it all in my jimmie-jams. I caught another cold from my visiting family and all the kiddos, but it's a total lack of surprise even after the ludicrous display of vitamin-munching I did. I'm just a sickness magnet. Boo. At least this time it was worth it and I know exactly who I caught it from.

Well, now I'll be relaxing and crafting and blogging. Today's thingie is an inchies cube ornament. They're actually about 1.5" by 1.5" each, so technically they're inchies-and-a-halfies. But let's just says inchies, okay?
 Once I made all the inchies, I just glued em each to one side of a wooden cube that I painted black with craft acrylics.
Here's another angle. I don't have a picture, but I finished the project by drilling a tiny hold and adding a tiny metal screw eye to attached a loop of string for hanging. If you wanted to use the little guy as a di (dice? die?di?) you could just unscrew the eye and there you have it.

Happy Wednesday!

Stuff I used that you can get:
Miscellaneous Dresden (the shiny bits)
Various Birds Collage Sheets (all from Alpha Stamps)


Unknown said...

This is the cuttest thing ever!

Tina said...

That is totally cute! I bet that would look fun hanging off a purse or key chain!

Jeanine said...

Kira, We saw your wicked witch & Dorothy bookmarks at Bob's parents over Christmas =) Do you plan on putting anything else on etsy, or do you sell other items in other ways; I see Stampotique, etc. How does that work?

Kira - said...

Hey Jeanine, I mostly sell just bookmarks in my Etsy shop, but will occasionally put something else in my shop. I draw images for Stampotique, and they're available to buy from

LimeRiot said...

How bright and cute and happy!! I just saw some wood blocks on sale and now I'm kicking myself for not picking them up.

Unknown said...

I love all of your birds they are the cutest things!!! I also love all the bright colours that you use :)