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Leafy Greens and Critters Pop Up

 It's Friday! Today, still trying to get over this blasted cold #4, I played around a little with Distress Stains and my Line Up stamp from Stampotique to cheer me up. I made this pop-up... I don't know whether I'll make it into some kind of card or just leave it on the table to enjoy for a while as-is. (EDIT: I ended up cutting it out and liking it a lot better! It'll stay up on my shelf for a while)
What screams cheeriness and get-well-soon like itty bitty monsters in lacy underwear? 
 I took a scrap of watercolor paper I had, probably about 5x7'', and doodled some leaves on it. Then I used  a variety of Tim Holtz Distress Stains to color the whole sheet right over top of the leaves. This whole process was super fast, it just took a while for the stains to dry.
Then I just cut out all the leaf clusters and cut more little leaves out of the green scraps of stuff that was left over.

 The whole pop up thing is just cutting cubes upon cubes, then gluing the leaves and the critters to the boxes. And yes indeed, it does fold up flat still! Even with that whole forest on it.
I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend. My plans are nothing... I can just relax now!

And also on a proud-of-myself note: I gave myself a haircut yesterday (I used this YouTube video for instruction) and it turned out just super and saved money that I can now blow on more craft supplies.
Happy Friday!


PB said...

You are so fun and creative and I just love visiting your blog! This little pop-up is so cute- it is squeeee!
I don't know anything about distress stains-- is there a book or place on line to learn more about them?
Thank You for brightening my day! Hope you feel tons better.

Basement Stamper said...

Oh, it is darling!!! Love the watercolor leaves on it.

Kira - said...

Thanks, you guys, for the compliments :)

PB, Distress stains are kind of like watered down inks in bottles that work a bit like watercolor. I'm working on some tutorials on how to use them for different effects. Stay tuned!

Mandy said...

Too adorable (as usual)!
Great job on the hair cut...I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to try. ;)

Wendy said...

that is just fabulous, how talented are you?

Shanna Shands said...

This is just a wonderful fun creation. The green leaves are wonderful mixed media.

jengd said...

Cute! LOVE the lacy underwear- hilarious! And Totoro is a great observer. ;)

dailygreenbar said...

Hello I found your blog on my Google alert email for leafy greens! Eg eating leafy greens, isn't that funny. Love your photo of the green stain with the leaves drawn on. I'm making a splashback for my kitchen ( then covered with clear glass) and this green stain would be perfect on watercolour paper. Same colour as my kitchen benches. Can you tell me what you drew your leaves on with and if you can use the stain as an ink with a pen etc? Thanks, Jane

Kira - said...

Hi Dailygreenbar :)The stains are Tim Holtz Distress Stains in Mowed Lawn, Squeezed Lemon, Iced Spruce, and Peacock Feathers. I think they come in Distress Inks that you can use with a pen nib. The black ink that I used is a Sakura Micron Pen.

Unknown said...

I totally love the stuff you make! I'm stoked to have found your blog, I've added you to my blog list thinger. I've been wanting to learn how to felt for quite a while. Thank you for the inspiration and I'm looking forward to reading more :) Do you have an Etsy shop?

Kathi said...

So fabulous.

I must say that I adore the Line Up stamp. Those cats crack me up and I love that you get so many cats on one stamp so that there are endless permutations and combinations (ooh a math term, used correctly!) of them.

I love your little cats in lacy undergarments. Trés chic.