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Whittled Toucan

 More whittling! This time I made a toucan, which shouldn't be a huge surprise, considering my obsession with toucans...
 The base is a 1x1" wooden block that I decorated with some really simple stamped inchies.
A photo of the plain wood after carving, before sanding and painting!

I actually made this a few days ago... It would be pretty hard to do now because yesterday I sliced the side of the tip of the thumb on my left hand. Pretty bad. I was cutting up some squash and our new knives are SO SHARP, even went right through the nail. (TMI?) I'm really glad it wasn't my right hand, which would have been devastating, but I'm still hoping it heals really quick... I've got things to make and I've found it pretty surprising how much I use my left thumb...

At any rate, I hope YOU are having a brilliant Tuesday :)

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