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Beaded Butterfly Ornaments

Here's the other teaser revealed! A hand-beaded butterfly ornament. Well, two, actually, but I didn't get a picture of the other one once it was all put together. Oops. But you get the idea.
I sewed on all the beads and sequins to a printed butterfly on cotton with a needle and thread, then used hot glue to stick it onto a couple layers of felt to make a firm backing. The process of sewing on all the beads is so dang tedious, but I love the end results... I just can't resist sparkly.
Here is the other piece I did a while ago before I cut it out and applied the firm backing and loop... It's about twice the size of the other one.

So I'm still out on vacation and I've been given a BUTTLOAD of new crafting materials by my family! I can hardly wait to get back home and start making some awesome stuff. Okay, get this. My mom got me 9 new colorbox inkpad queues. N-I-N-E. And that's six colors per queue. Holy crap. Papercrafting heaven. I also found some awesome fleece remnants at Joann (it sucks there's no Joann near me in Alabama. BOOOOO). They were 75% off, so I got about 4 yards at $2.00 each. Cool huh?! I can't wait to start making stuffies when I get back. Not to mention, my MIL gave me a ton of fabric scraps and different colors of thread... which is amazing. I think I might just have to do a whole post on my new supplies just to brag about them :D Looks like 201o will be another crafty year!
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