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Homegrown Apples in a Fabric Bowl!

One of the things I miss about the northwest are the delicious homegrown apples... They're little and so crispy and fresh and always taste better! These ones grew on my mom's tree and are flippin' delicious.
I had time to make a fabric bowl today, for a friend back in Alabama who is sooo kindly watching our dog while we're away. The decor in her kitchen is red apples, so I thought this red/mustard fabric would be a good material to use.
I'm trying to think of things I can load into the bowl as kind of a gift basket. I haven't ever really put together a gift basket, so I'm kinda stumped. I'll probably throw some fresh apples in there and maybe some Tim's Cascade Chips..... Mmmm, my favorite.... It sucks they don't sell them in Alabama. Anybody have any ideas for stuff they'd think would be good in a gift basket?
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