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Beads and other sparkle...

Happy Monday.
I know I said I'd be updating often, and I had hoped to post at least every other day.... But preparing for a trip is tedious and oh so time-consuming. Not to mention, the stuff I've been crafting is all presents and stuff that I can't post quite yet. So here's a little teaser. Now you know that someone somewhere will be receiving something hand-beaded/sequined. I've got some stuff I'll be pretty proud of to show off post-Christmas.

So, in my spare internet time I've been surfing other craft blogs and have come across some pretty wonderful ones. They put this humble blog to shame and make me a teensy bit jealous. That being said, I think I'm going to try to make some changes to my blog to make it a little cooler, perhaps a but more navigable. Changes will probably happen come January... I hope. Anyways, thanks again for reading! Merry Christmas!
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