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Mixed Media Owl Painting

TEASER REVEALED! This is the painting/drawing I did for my brother this Christmas. I used watercolors to create a texture for the background (I totally just typed "texture for the bathroom," durrrr). Then I used a micron drawing pen to draw and detail the owl.
I like to draw the main subjects first on a separate sheet of paper and then cut them out to paste onto a pre-made background. I was trying to use the same sheet and just use a masking liquid, but cutting out is just simpler and I like the end result better.
Here it is with my materials!
I framed it in a plain black frame and created a matteboard by cutting one out of a cereal box and glue-sticking on shredded bits of handmade paper... It's a pretty neat skill, so maybe I'll do a tutorial sometime soon.

It's Christmas Eve! :D
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Nate True said...

Awesome! I totally own that!