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9 Card Phoenix ATC Spread!

Remember that WIP?! This was it! I created this set of ATCs for the 3x3 ATC swap on! It's based on a bunch of themes given by one of my swap partners. We had the option of picking 3 themes, 1 theme, or 9 themes. I picked 1 theme (the phoenix) to spread across the whole set. (Don't forget to click this pic, to see them all close-up!)
Here's what the original phoenix painting looked like before and after I sliced it to ATC size! It was nice to have 9 ATC bases made all at once.
This one is my favorite! It was based on a bicycling theme. He looks familiar, right? The original is green, but I just HAD to make another for this card. The raindrops look cooler in person... They're coated in heavily reflecty sparkly microballs.
My other favorite for the chunky theme. Buttons! I hard time sending this set off, because I really liked how they all came together! Other themes I used were human anatomy, Metalocalypse, June Palmer, & gothic arches.

So fun. I hope everyone has a beautiful and happy Saturday!

PS. Thanks to Mafiosa Grrl for letting me know my pics weren't showing up in the original post! I flippin hate it when that happens randomly. I never usually find out until someone tells me :D


Audrey said...

Oh my god, those are so amazing. I can't believe it, you are already fabulous and you get more and more fabulous by the second. Why didn't I join this swap and then demand that you were my partner? Stupid break from making atcs...lolz I love that you made the big pheonix and then decorated the cards its so amazing! You rock!!

Valerie said...

Those cards are just so lovely!
I really like the colour scheme you used ^^

CircleofLifeStudioScraps said...

Your work and your style, and your blog are great!!! May I recommend you submitting some ATCs and inchies to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine? Love the title of your blog too! hahaha!