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Nothin' new, just some owls.

All of my craft room is in shambles over at the new place, nothing is organized, and I still am stuck here at the old place with no supplies. Let me tell you, it can drive a person nuts. But I thought I'd post a collection of owl projects I've done over the past year.

I loves me some owls. I hope you enjoy them too... BTW I'm going nuts with ideas of crafts I want to be doing, but can't. I'm in for an art explosion once the move is over and I have access to all my supplies...

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Ann said...

Hi Kira--I found this older posting of yours on owls when I went to your blog from Alpha Stamps. OMG!!! .... I love owls too and think your creations are awesome!! Thanks too for the Tunnel Book tutorial. You even make it look easy--can't wait to try!
Hope you're working on a children's book. I think you're a wonderful artist with a colorful, whimsical style. Happy creating!