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Crazy Threads... Fatbook pages!

Got to make a fatbook page today! I'm happy with how this one turned out especially. I'm in love with that golden trim and my little bird and his wire feet. I got a yard of canvas at the flea market the other day, and it was the perfect material to use for this crazy thread background. I have a little jar where I save all my little threads that come off the edges of my fabrics, embroidery thread ends, etc. I like to use them on my watercolor backgrounds, but I wanted to have a similar effect on a fatbook page!
So to get that effect, I used canvas and spread a thin layer of Alene's flexible fabric glue (I'm sure you could use something else, but this is what I had on hand). Then I just dropped all the little threads and stuff all over it in strategic places, just wherever it looked good. Don't press any of the threads flat until you're all done because it will just all stick to your hands and be a mess. Once the surface of the canvas is pretty well covered, use the palm of your hand to gently press everything flat. It shouldn't stick to your hand much at all if there's a lot of thread on there. Voila! A crazy thready jumble piece of fabric! Then I just let it dry and sewed it like any other piece.
This is the other side. It's a "print" of that stamp I carved a little bit ago with a pretty fabric border...
The stamp turned out cool looking... I stamped it first with lime green, then stamped over it with blue. It's tie-dye-ish :) Happy Thursday!
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Audrey said...

Its freaking awesome!! I love youre thread backgroud, such a great idea!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

I love it too! Your pages have me so inspired to start a book... not that I need another project. Oh well, doin it anyways :)