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Beaded Flower Fatbook Page & Rad BOX!

Beaded a flower today for my fatbook! I used quite a few different layers. Beads on sequins on corduroy on mesh on batik! Whew! I love the look of hand beading, but man it takes so long...
Here it is on the back of my fatbook. I haven't finished the other side of this page yet, hence the no-picture.
On another awesome note, I had to kill some time this morning while waiting for something, so I went to the thrift store and found this gem for 75 cents! I saw it and automatically thought of the awesome Knickertwist's Valentine's Day matchbox shrine. My new box is a makeup box about 9.5'' x 5.5'', so it won't be as tiny and cute, but I'm so psyched to make this into some mini-shrine wall art! The lids presents a challenge.... It swings open and has a magnetic closure, and also has a 4x6 picture frame constructed into its front. I'm not sure how I'm going to play that, but I'll let you know.

My Tuesday was better than my Monday... I hope yours is too! (^_^)
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Alexz said...

I cannot wait to see what you make with the box!

MafiosaGrrl said...

What a great find. I don't know if you dig the Crafty Chica but on her website she'd having a contest for love shrines in a little while. It doesn't have to be a Valentine's thing actually Love theme piece. It could be for a person or a place, whatever you want, you should check it out :)

Darlene Weigle said...

You have some really amazing stuff on here. I really like so much of it. So different and visually appealing! I'll be back to see more. :)