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More WIPs! Altered book & Yeti Pillow

I swear, I've been crafting!!! I've been working on some bigger projects which reminds me why I don't usually do big projects. Instead of falling off the blogwaves, I thought I'd update on what I'm working on, even though it's not done!!!
This is a little board book I've started altering! I got it at the flea market. So far I've prepared the cover and glued in various neat papers on the inside pages.
I was lucky enough to find a board book with a wooden cover! I had to sand off the snowmans on the outside. It's a plain wood for now. I haven't figured out what I want the cover to look like.
Here we have the biggest plush I will have ever done... It's an XL wool sweater I also got at the flea market. It's so soft and wooly, I had to make a cute yeti pillow out of it. I've started stitching on the chest... it's taking too long. I can't wait till this giant is finished!

And a little reminder! Please vote for my artwork :) There's a link just to the right, here on my blog! And don't forget, you can vote every day, so please do! Thanks to everyone who has been voting, you're the BEST!!!
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K said...

Your board book is looking awesome! I can't wait to see what else you do with it.

Alexz said...

I started to post a comment yesterday and I think I must have closed the window before hitting post. lol. What are your plans for the yeti pillow?? Because you know I would buy it off etsy in a heartbeat!!! I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Kira - said...

Haha, I knew you'd like him, being a yeti and all. My plans are to keep him on my couch as a throw pillow. I've still got all the sleeves for material, though. Maybe I can make a mini-wooly yeti to swap :)

Alexz said...

I will take a mini one! I will swap anything for it! And gosh, I still gotta get your link painting in the mail. I am waiting on finishing another swap package so I can send all my packages at once, but it will be soon. Promise!