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Bird/Space Altoids Tin Shrine

Magically, my internet works again (for now...) so I'm just going to take advantage of it and blog before it craps out again randomly! I made this altered altoids tin shrine for my pal Audio for her belated birthday! I first sanded the whole thing down to remove the Altoids labeling and colors, and also so the paint would stick to it. I used regular artist acrylics, and they're a little bit transparent, so the shiny metal showed through a bit... I liked the effect :)
For the inside, I took a quote that was in Carl Sagan's book Cosmos, and embellished with all sorts of stuff. Corrugated paper, colorbox inks, lots of random dried wild organic stuff from around here, crystal rhinestones, etc.
The bird is actually a cutout print of one I had done a while back. So how about those crystal rhinestones? I really liked how sparkly they looked. Made the whole thing just a tad bit fancier... Anyhoo, Happy late birthday, Audio!

I hope the internet doesn't crap out again so I can post again soon! I'm doing some weaving... Happy Wednesday!
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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I love it! Thank you again for such a wonderful package! I can't wait to start using that paper. :)

Erica said...

I'm following your blog ... I love Altoid shrines. They're my favorite craft to make and this one is just lovely!!!
I found you buy google-ing "inchies," speaking of which, yours are amazing. :)