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Little Teeny Gift Bags

I made some little teeny gift bags! And so can you! I found this excellent template. You can resize the template to make varying sizes... After that, it's just cutting, folding and gluing. I used a glue stick, and then used the hot glugun to attach the handles. The smallest one was printed on a 3x5'' sized paper and is perfect for scrabble tile pendants. The medium one is printed on about 5x7'' and fits a bottlecap really nicely.
PHOTO BOMB! This is Peanut, and he wants presents.
In other awesome news, my sister sent me a medium flat rate box PACKED to the gills with our old bead stash, plus tons of other beads she picked up along the way. She hasn't touched 'em in years, so she figured I would use them since I craft ALL THE TIME. I'm realllly excited! After painting, beading was among my very first crafts! I worked at a bead shop in highschool, so it's going to be awesome to make some fun beaded junk! Anyway, I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July weekend!

Annnnnd yet again, my 365 Posts Giveaway is still going on! Ends July 13th! Spread the word :D and thanks for entering!!!
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10Yen said...

hey I made those recently to! hooray! Peanut is to cute for words feed peanut some butter for me ;) bad joke I know ><