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Fish Notecards

I've been having fun with art prints lately, so I made a set of notecards using mini-cutouts of fish I painted!
2 sheets of each of these paisley papers are included in the stack of paper in my 365 Posts Giveaway! If you haven't entered, be sure to do it! Thanks to everyone who's entered so far, and a big HI! to my new followers :D
When I painted these fish, they were considerably larger, almost a whole page... Shrunk down to about 2 inches, they make some pretty cute stickers :) It's nice to work with some art prints, because I can still make cards or whatnot with 'em and it doesn't take too long. It seems like after doing about an hour of housework, I hit my limit and don't have the backpower to tackle much else. I'm feeling pretty good though, slowly slowly improving...
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10Yen said...

Cute! I love their colors, I can't choose a favorite one. this totally reminds me I want to thank you for inspiring me whilst looking around on your blog I picked up paint, prisma colors and paper and actually drew something. It was so fun.

Kira - said...

:D thanks 10Yen!!! I'm so stoked my stuff was able to inspire you. I wanna see what you drew!

Christia said...

I love those fish!