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Do you hoard shiny things?

I think I mentioned that my favorite sister sent me a big flat rate box absolutely PACKED with beads a couple weeks ago! After much sorting and organizing, I still ended up with a good sized bag of what I've heard craftsters call "bead soup."
So many needle pricks, some embroidery thread, paint and hundreds of beads later, I ended up with this little bird sitting on his collection of shiny objects, presumably collected in magpie fashion.
Here's a close-up of the bead soup nest... All sorts of fun stuff in there! Mostly glass beads, a few plastic, some real turquoise ones, and one teeny little black pearl. So friends, can you relate to this little bird? Keeping all sorts of random bits and shiny things? Ha, I know I can.

Happy Wednesday!
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Anonymous said...

Oh Kira!How lovely.i think we can all relate to liking shiny things!! this is a sweetie!!

Trees said...

The "bead soup" is great - even before I read what you wrote it reminded me of a magpie's nest:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Reminds me of my birds that I feed in the back yard. They collect all kinds of bits to put in their birdhouses, although not as pretty as the bead nest! :)

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

So cute. :)

artymess said...

Yup I am a magpie too .......!!