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More Wicked Awesome Series Witch Bookmarks & Baby Snakes

 Nope, I haven't stopped making wicked witch bookmarks :) And lucky for me, you haven't stopped buying them. So I thought I'd share some of the new fun bookmarks I've made for the "Wicked Awesome" series of these bookmarks. They're available for purchase in my Etsy Shop!
 There's a new Wizard of Oz movie coming out in January 2013 that I'm pretty excited about.
 I think the blue one in the middle is my favorite out of this batch. She's got just a hint of a smirk...
 And speaking of wicked things, there's been some heavy, heavy rain here in south Alabama the past week or so and it seems like all sorts of creatures are being, quite literally, flushed from their various hidey holes. My house has been reptile city. This GORGEOUS teeny tiny baby milk snake was in my garage when I got home from a Zumbathon Friday night. I had to scoop him up and take pics in my light box, since he was too much of a wee precious jewel to go un-photographed.
The next morning, there was this baby black racer snake on my front porch, and he was super feisty. He kept lunging and striking at my camera, the tiny thing. He was thinner than a regular sharpie marker and maybe 10 inches long, to give you an idea of size. Harmless, but cheeky. AND a green anole lizard also somehow got into my kitchen that day. Reptiles!

And last Tuesday after a REALLY heavy rain, Bobby saw a huge, sad-looking beaver crossing the road. I'm hoping that ALL the rain cries itself out over the next couple of days, because it's our anniversary this weekend and we have plans to head to the beach! Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having an adventurous week so far :) Happy Tuesday!


SandeeNC said...

I'm so glad that you can embrace the reptile population, I would be running around screaming! lol I hope the weather clears up for your anniversary! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

Deb R said...

Hope all the rain clears for youso you can have a wonderful anniversary!!!!
Dont like snakes but the milk snake is cute lol

dix said...

Just discovered your blog! C o o l bookmarks!!!