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Felted Feathery Bird Trio

I told you they were coming... More felted birds!!! I made this set for my tiny Filipino mom who absolutely spoiled me with all sorts of huge colorful earrings and goodies this Christmas. They're ornaments, but I took photos before I added the string loops for hanging. 
I cut the wings out of ready-made sheets of wool felt, so that saved me a lot of time felting wings from scratch. The felt sheets stick to the wool body really well with the felting needle :) 
This one was my favorite
This yellow one was Bobby's favorite because of all the crazy colors.
Speaking of crazy colors, I spent pretty much ALL day yesterday bleaching some peek-a-boo tips onto my very dark bleach-resistant hair because I've been wanting to put some purple in my hair for a long time... I had been debating it because maybe I'm too old for that, but I think it would suit me.Well, the bleaching took FOREVER! Then I finally dyed the bleached ends blue fading to purple and the color is so dark you can hardly see the difference. Maybe it was a waste of time... But maybe it'll fade to something a little more noticeable. If it does, I'll post a picture or something.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having a magnificent week so far! Happy Wednesday!


PB said...

I love all of your little birdies! The carved one is adorable. Inspired as always :)

Wendy said...

these are so fab, love the colours.

I used to have purple and white stripes in my hair, just thin ones at the front, I loved it. I'm blonde though so it's pretty easy to dye my hair.

Kelly said...

Oh these birdies are soooo cute! Hugs, Kelly x