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Sparrow ATC

So who out there has started to listen to Christmas music? I always come back to the Christmas radio station from home (warm 106.9)and listen to it streaming online... So I'm listening to it right now and I really want to hear "A Christmas To Remember" by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. I flippin' love that song. Not sure why! Also, I want to hear "Christmas in the Northwest" because radio stations here don't play it. I remember thinking that song was so annoying when I lived back in Washington, but now I really miss it.
Anyways, here's another ATC I made! Originally, the bird's background was white with no borders, but you know I can't stay away from bright colors for long.

I took the opportunity to use my favorite sparkly microballs again :)
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Audrey said...

Very nice, I love the color combo for the border! And Oooo! Linkwithin! Awesome, so adding that to my blog!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Very nice! Could you tell me a little more about these sparkly micro-balls? I love the effect. Btw, for your Christmas music requests, there is a website called And you can play songs on demand, for free :) Maybe they have your favs!

Kira - said...

I'm realllly not sure what it's actually called because I tossed the packaging without reading it! (I only regarded the ooh, shiny)

I just call them sparkly microballs because that's pretty much what they are :) After attempting to find them by typing various descriptions into google, I believe they may be called "glass glitter" or "microbeads"

I got mine at Michaels in the papercrafting section right next to the glitter. They came in a pack with 2 colors for $1.99 (I think... could have been $2.99). I use elmer's white glue to apply them, just like any other glitter! I hope you can find some, because they're totally fun to play with :D