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Sheepie head Hacky Sack

Here's a change: teeny tiny eyes! I crocheted this little bean bag guy pretty quick. It's just a baaaaaaaall with felt ears and nose. I filled him up with lentils, because who seriously prepares and eats lentils? (PS, get it? Baaaaaaall?)
I spent ALLLLLL morning cleaning my craft room, and it's not even done. I haven't even vaccumed yet. It's looking pretty good, though. I think the next little organizing projects will be to organize my paper ephemera boxes and maybe put some of them into albums for easy access. Yikes, big undertaking. It won't get done till AFTER Christmas, I don't think. I've too many other projects to finish before I take off for home. I hate crafting under pressure! Oh well, once it's done, I'll feel soooo accomplished :)
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