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Bright Giraffe ATC

Good Morning! I had a pretty good crafting week last week and was able to get a lot of (but not all or most) holiday crafting out of the way. I actually made some things that I was very tempted to blog about, but I'm glad I took the break. So here we shall go back to daily posts! Thanks for reading :)

Here is my little giraffe ATC. The main media are watercolor, rubber-stamped pigment ink, black ink, and... What do you call those little glass balls bordering the giraffe? Glitter beads? Sparkly Microballs? Yeah, let's go with sparkly microballs. I like that.

Here's a shot of the giraffe head after watercoloring and before inking. My sister linked me to a set of great drawing tutorials the other day (you can check them out here) I really want to improve my drawing skills, especially in the aspect of breaking down objects into shapes before drawing the actual form. I think I could get a lot better that way... Anyways...

Here's a gratuitous detail shot of the sparkly microballs... Happy Monday, everyone.
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Christia said...

I love the sparkly microballs! Perfect name ever!

Jessies Juke Box said...

I want! I want! I want!!!