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Amphibians, Oh MY!

I thought I'd just throw in a non-craft-related post for the heck of it. Right now, I'm up in Edmonds, Washington at my in-laws house, but last week I was in Oregon staying with my parents. They live in a reasonably rural area on a hill that overlooks a big old pond. I saw 2 different kinds of amphibians... The first, I think, was a salamander or newt. He had a bright orange belly!
This little frog was eating worms by the garage door. He was surprisingly very fast and hoppy even though it was freezing outside.
Here's me, my sister, my mom, and my niece out front. You can see the big pond in the background. No wonder there are tons of frogs and junk. Moisture.
Annnnd this is just a little bonus frog. I have this picture from when Bobby and I went to a lake in Alabama and found a hundred tiny frogs. Isn't it so eeny-weeny?! Anyways, I hope you liked this amphibious blogpost... Enjoy the rest of your day~
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Christia said...

I love frogs, and your family :) So it's safe to say, I loved this post!