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Recycle Last Year's Christmas Cards into Gift Tags!

It's 62 degrees inside my house and I am c-c-c-cold! We're trying to see how much we can save on our electric bill by not running the heat, but I'm questioning whether or not it's worth it! I'm wearing several layers of clothing, and I'm still kinda shivery... Oh well, here's to experimenting. Well, in our box of Christmas decorations I found last year's Christmas cards and immediately thought: HANG TAGS!
So if you've got some old cards laying around and you hate to toss 'em in the bin, here's an easy way to get one more use out of those cute pictures. Since I use all my old cereal/cracker/whatever boxes for ATC bases, inchies, 6x6 pages, etc, I always have a few little pieces left over that are a bit too small and in odd sizes. I save them to make my hangtags!
So what I did was cut out pictures from the Christmas cards and glued them to the printed side of the pieces, so that the backs are plain brown for writing the "to/from" messages on. If some pictures were too small, I filled in the rest with other paper. You could get all fancy with stickers and inkpads and glitter or all other sorts of embellishments, but I kept it pretty basic. I figure they'll get chucked out with the old torn-up wrapping paper, so I didn't want to put too much work into them. Speaking of wrapping paper, you could make matching tags by taking the pictures from a bit of the same wrapping paper and making these tags for 'em!
To finish them off, I punched a little hole in a corner of each and looped through a color-coordinated bit of string from my stash of little bits of embroidery thread that were too short to use for embroidering (see, I knew I kept those for a reason).

Whoot! Now I'll have tags for all my gifts, and I no longer have that stack of Christmas cards lying about. I guess this is a good idea to apply to all those other cards I've saved for other occasions... Birthdays, weddings, etc. Ah, for another day.

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