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4x4 Spread of Colorful Doodle Inchies

It's inchie madness! I made this spread of inchies last night after playing around with my watercolors. I just can't stop making them the last week or so. I need to find a nice square frame for these.
Here's the left half of the doodles...
...And the right half! The cat and the jellyfish have the best colors, I think.
So, now I guess I can now sort of identify in a tiny way with all those folks who were suffering heavy snowfall in the East! Can you believe that we've got snow here in Southern Alabama?! WTH! It's kind of wet snow, but I'm still surprised. I haven't seen snow in a couple of years... Well, it's supposed to snow all day, so I'm just hoping everyone's safe on the road. Crazy. Oh! and unrelated, we start moving next week! I'll try to keep finding time to craft, but you know how it goes. Happy snowy Friday!
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Stefanie said...

Hi Kira! I went to highschool with Bobby(we were in Play Production together)and stumbled upon your blog from looking at the snow pics you posted on facebook. Your stuff is really fun! I love all the monsters you make; I'm not crafty at all so I'm trying not to sound too jealous of your talent, but I am :) Well, tell Bobby I said "hi" and I'm gonna follow your blog from now on! P.S. Enjoy the snow for me, we don't have any in Edmonds/Lynnwood.

Anonymous said...

these would look so cool framed on a kids room! I really love your use of color and your drawings!

AlwaysInspired said...

I love these! I'm a fellow inchie lover and maker. So fun to play in small scale!

Melmgh said...

Omg what type of water colors are they? they are beautiful !