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Woven Scrap Monster Fatbook Page

I've been planning on doing a woven fatbook page, and today was the day. I made this little guy this morning. He's got elements of other monster plushies I've made and sent away, so it will be nice to have this one as a permanent fixture in my fatbook that I definitely won't be sending away.
After stitching on the face and mouth, the back of this page was a mess of embroidery thread (grrrr, for not thinking ahead) so I took my last loose beaded butterfly and slapped it on with hot glue. Problem solved.
Here's an early progress shot of the weaving. I just used a piece of cardboard with some slits cut into it and pieces from my trusty scrap bin. If anyone wants to try this, make sure there are an odd number of column-strings. If there's an even number, the whole weaving thing just...doesn't happen. Dunno how to explain it... Anyhoo, happy Thursday!
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Audrey said...

it's sooo cute! I want to do a woven page now!!! I've been so busy and sick that I haven't had time to do any crafts!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love your scrap monsters, when my scarp bin is full I will try to weave it :D Thanks fr the awesome idea!

Alexz said...

Kira, I was at the thrift store and I found the exact same retro weaving loom kit-thingy you posted a long time ago! I made my own monsters for a friend (giving you full credit for the idea and design of course!). They are so cute, and you are such a genius! I love, love, love all your stuff, but your monsters are probably my fave. Can't wait to see the yeti pillow!

Kira - said...

Audio - sorry you're sick :( Get well soon!

Maria Isabel - I want to see your weaving when you do it!

Alexz - That's awesome!!! I can see why people would give them to the thrift store... The loom seems a little bit too fiddly and weird to set up for a little kid, right? My beef with it is that you can only make it so wide, so I go with cardboard. It's so fun, right?! I need to get cracking on that yeti pillow... I could probably finish it in an afternoon, but I keep getting distracted by inchies and painting and junk.

Tara Ethington said...

HJAHAHAHAHAH! HY to that scrap monster. (heck yes!)

AlwaysInspired said...

I love this page so much! It is like a monster with wings!