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Brother of Bobo: Scrap Monster!

I finished what I was weaving! Another benevolent scrap monster! And he's a lot bigger than some previous scrap monsters I've made.
About 13'' x 7.5'', probably make a decent neck pillow... He'll be up in my Etsy shop when I open it in August! Exciting, huh?!
The back of him is another woven material, but not hand-woven by me like the crazy front. I think it makes him a little bit squishier, because the woven front is really thick.
Used ALL SORTS of scraps for the hand weaving... A lot of cotton print scraps, along with some felt, fleece, tulle, yarn, lace, angora, ribbon, etc. My scrap bin was getting mighty full, and making this guy barely put a dent in it. I guess I've gotta make another sometime. The weaving's something I can do on the couch, so that's nice and comfy. But it makes a MESS with all the raw edges and things leaving threads and little fibrous junk around everywhere.

Have a good evening!
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Amy said...

He's so cute!!
I've wanted to try weaving for a while, but I"m definitely intimidated by it. But he's just adorable!

Kira - said...

Don't be intimidated! Weaving is so easy. Just takes a long time is all. I do my weaving on a piece of cardboard with slits cut into it. Super low-tech! :) Maybe I'll put together a tutorial of how I do it.

Joanna said...

Incredible! He is too cute, and the amount of work that went into him is amazing. Glad you found such an inspired couch project :)

And I'd love to see your weaving tutorial!

Avery said...

He is so great! And I really love how you didn't weave his back, I think that the woven fabric you picked fits him perfectly.
I would love a tutorial!

Unknown said...

LOVE!! and would love a tutorial on weaving with cardboard! ~~Wendy