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Quiet Nap Art Journal Page

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted anything in what seems like forever. This week I got on some new pain medicine for my back and it works GREAT. So I've been catching up on housework and other errands now that I can! Anyhoo, I finished this art journal page. The background is bits of paper from my huge bag of little scrap pieces.
For the tree, I first brushed on some white acrylic ink where I wanted the branches to be, then I drew the branches after it dried with a micron pen,
The white bubbles are acrylic painted onto a clear scrap of laminating material, so that kind of flips up away from the page. The whole thing kind of reminded me of the kind of flowery place you might want to take a little afternoon snooze.

Have a great weekend!
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Moe said...

I love this! Art journaling is so cool. :)

Joanna said...

I'm really enjoying all of the posts from your art journal! I've been away from paper crafting for too long, and have a journal sitting by just itching to be filled...

Morgan said...

So cute! Very creative! :)


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

It's a very sweet page. :)

Aly B said...

That laminate technique is amazing!