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Babysitting Papa Frog Embroidery

Here's a simple embroidery I finished up last night. Hehe, I hope the tadpole is recognizable as a tadpole! Papa frog doesn't look too thrilled at babysitting, but at least he does it in style with that blue hat.

I thought a babysitting frog was an appropriate theme for my day yesterday! I had my epidural injection (where they squirt medicine directly into your spine to hopefully aid healing), and my best friend Sarah so kindly kept me at her house and watched me for the rest of the day to make sure I didn't lose function in my legs, lol. I haven't been babysat in a long time, but hey we had fun. I'm pretty sore today, but the surgeon said that was to be expected until sometime next week.
Hey, I wanted to take a second to thank everybody who has been leaving such kind and encouraging comments. I want you to know that they really really make me feel loved, and they never go unappreciated! I'm convinced that I have some of the sweetest readers on the planet. Happy Friday, friends! Have a lovely weekend!
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Morgan said...

I love this is embroidery! It's so cute! I hope you feel better soon! :) ♥
~ Morgan

MafiosaGrrl said...

So cute, you always come up with the greatest patterns. Hope you are tip-top soon :)

Moe said... adorable! Thats how my father would be when we were little.

Agreed, hope you feel better!