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Sneaky Bunny ATC

Okay, so my Wacom Bamboo Tablet came in the mail on Friday, but that's the day that Peanut flew away, so you can understand, I did not have the energy to get excited about my new toy AT ALL that day. (Side note: I got it for FREEEEEE by saving up my swagbucks search engine points. You all aughta start doing it, it's totally cool, I love it, and I love free stuff) I just got around to installing it today, and hooo boy do I have a lot to learn. Anyway, well, it came with Photoshop Elements, and I tried to make an animated gif of this Sneaky Bunny pop-up ATC I made for the Craftster ATC Swap. Hopefully it works. If you can't see the bunny after a second or two, then it didn't work! Then back to the drawing board for me! (EDIT: It didn't work, so I replaced the pic with this new one! I'll figure it out eventually....)

So here's a non-animated picture in case it didn't work. The bunny is hiding in the plant pot :) Wish me luck learning the ins and outs of Photoshop and my new tablet! Happy Thursday!


Brittany said...

What an awesome prize! I joined swag bucks though your link...sad that the tablet isn't on the list of prizes, though. Still...looks like a cool site and idea. Thanks for linking to it!

I also LOVE your ATC, as always!

Kira - said...

Hey Brittany, that's awesome you signed up!! What I did was get giftcards as my prizes, then saved up enough of them to get the tablet from amazon. That way, you can pretty much get whatever you want :)