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Yet another little book

I've been making inchies books like crazy! This one is actually 1.5'' x 15". I cut out a bunch of little watercolor squares this size with my cricut, then did the same thing to cut the bases out of cereal box. Keeps 'em nice and substantial!
This page is my favorite, even though the octopus only has 6 legs. Who's got room for 8 legs, really? I need to start experimenting with drawing other little animals... I tend to fall back on the tentacled creatures and birds!
And the book unassembled. I think the next one I make will bind at the tops, kind of like a calendar... Or I'll just make a mini-calendar! That would be fun. Happy Saturday!

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Audrey said...

Sooooo Cute!!!

p said...

these are such cute little books.
would love to know how you made them.

Mimi Hanna said...

Do not know where I have been for several years but
I just happened onto Inchies!!! And of course I went crazy...I immediately did 6 and made a card...posted on Pinterest and went on to make 50 more!! They are really challenges your art I MUST make a little book...perhaps all about houses...which I love....and the things that go on houses???