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Gnome ATC

I know, I know, I'm a blog slacker! (Thanks for pointing that out, Sarah. ) I'll share with you this magical little gnome ATC I made for the Craftster ATC Swap. He's proud of the spoils of his little adventures... A feather!
The mushroom! I really like mushrooms, and they're so whimsical. I'm surprised I don't use a lot more of them in my artworks. Maybe I'll have to start.
He looks so satisfied, lol. The feather is a special one, probably because my bird RARELY drops this specific kind. I think he's only got 2 like this on his entire feathery body, so I get maybe 4 from his a year if I'm lucky enough to notice when they drop. My brother has a bird too, and he calls these the "knuckle feathers."
Okay, now I have to share with you something that brought me some crafty girlish glee! Only you guys can really appreciate this: Cutting out inchies from watercolor background on my Cricut! Isn't that just a thing of beauty? So easy! So perfect! I'm gearing up to make a few inchie books for swaps. :) Happy Tuesday, friends!
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Anonymous said...

I love your little gnome Kira!!Bird feathers are things I keep too.We have three resident doves, and they are very tame- eat seed from our hands.

Your cutting machine is very good!!!

Nichola said...

I adore your gnome! He's fantastically cute.

DeeAnn said...

Oh, I love the gnome. I keep swearing I will join the ATC swap. I am doing it this Fall (Crossing Fingers)

Wow! You got the black Cricut! I am impressed. I have boring Cricut's. :) I do have a Pink Gazelle. I troll eBay looking for Pink Expressions for who knows what reasons. :)

I love the idea of cutting out custom made watercolor paper with your Cricut. That is brilliant.

I am one of the "Cricut" girls. I can say with all honesty you are going to be one talented Cricut artist.

memtree said...

your little gnome is so adorable! nice ATC!

AlwaysInspired said...

I'm in a swoon over that gnome! I don't think I've seen anything so perfectly gnomish. Make more gnomes!

Anonymous said...

I love gnomes...they take care of my front garden. They have went back underground due to the heat adn my flowers are dying!