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Birdcage and Doodles Art Journal Page

Okay, even with a pounding headache, I just HAD to play with my new Cricut tonight... I cut out some shapes and finished up this art journal page that I'd been working on the last few days. It's kind of for all of my pets. I still think about my Kitty bird often, and I still miss her a lot (My lovebird died in January, she was 10 years old). So I wrote on this page "You will always be loved, forever."
I kind of wish I had taken some in progress shots, because I did a lot of steps for this page. First, I whitewashed out the text on the pages with acrylic ink, then I doodled all the little leaves and flowers and swirls in the background. Watercolored the edges and some of the doodles, then added the other embellishments and writing.
This is a cut out picture of my sleepy dog, Tink. She's getting a little older, too! Eight years old soon, and she's the best dog ever.
Forever!!! Isn't it amazing how animals can fill a big part of your heart? :) Okay, I'll quit being sappy. I love people, too.
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Alexz said...

I am sooooooooooooo jealous you got a cricut! Your page looks great and love the latest dolls! You are so awesome- seriously.

DeeAnn said...

Congratulations on your Cricut! Welcome to a new world of serious addiction. :) I love the page. It is absolutely incredible.

I know what you mean. My animals are my life. They are my little children and I dote on them.

I love the matryoshka dolls you have been making.

I hope you feel better.

Nichola said...

So very pretty :) Lovely

AlwaysInspired said...

I admire your pages so much! I wish I had time to do an art journal. Maybe some day! Thanks for being so inspiring.

Kira - said...

Thank you so much, you guys!!!

Aly B said...

This page is fantastic! I love the doodles- they balance the page nicely too =)

Katherine said...

i love my animals!!! i'm glad you do too :)

Mescrap said...

Beautiful !!
I love your doodling !
Just perfect !

Walkiria Celada. said...

me encanta la página es preciosa y opino lo mismo que tu sobre los animales, aunque sea cursi, yo no lo considero así, te dan todo su amor incondicionalmente, siempre, yo tengo dos perros y los amo muchísimo, saludos.